Our Philosophy

All too often our society promotes the idea that there are short cuts or secret formulas to achieving one’s goals. Rather than charting a sensible course and sticking to it, we are told that finding the easy way, “cracking the code,” and “playing the game” reveal the road to success. Unfortunately, the notion is increasingly prevalent in education. Students and parents are tempted to find the easiest path to a high school diploma, to divine the formula that provides the greatest GPA for the least effort. Once in college, students are enticed to settle for the easy major or the one that promises to pay the most after graduation. All of this comes at the expense of achieving a truly meaningful education, one that nourishes mind and soul. At The Vanguard School an education and all its attendant labors are important ends in themselves. Yes, we plan for our graduates to continue their learning at the college level. We have great success preparing students for college and helping them gain admission to the schools of their choice, often with substantial financial support from those institutions. However, getting into college is just a means to an end – the all important end of becoming truly educated. Our students’ admissions success is the result of the demanding education they have earned up to that point.